Ontario Dance Academy

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About Us

Now in our third year, Ontario Dance Academy is a high level academic studio, focusing on technical skill, and developing the advanced dancer. Our studio offers exams in RAD, BATD and Acrobatic Arts. As well as full time and part time competitive levels, and contortion/hand balancing and advanced acrobatics programs.

We are a year round performing team, often performing each month as events present themselves. These can include television performances, print ads, conventions, local performances for the the community, Sports half time shows, and large scale events, such as the Harlem Globetrotters performances. We have opportunities for all levels of dancers, from our recital level to our pre-professional levels, because we believe everyone deserves a chance to perform.

Our program focuses on having fully qualified and certified adult instructors, with an emphasis on quality instruction regardless of level or age. Every student is taught by the same respected staff, and no student teachers We believe that teamwork is the foundation of a quality experience for the dancer, and engage our students to work together at all levels, to prepare them for their futures as dancers, and as well rounded adults.