Announcement of Quinte Watersports Fair

The first-ever Quinte Watersports Fair will be held in Belleville on Saturday 10 September, in conjunction with the World Rowing Tour 2022

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Maj. Whalen charts own path to success

Maj. Amanda Whalen was interested in joining the military when she was 16, but the process seemed long and frustrating at that time.

CFB Trenton Loaded with Sports Opportunities

While a career in the military can be challenging, sports provide an outlet to decompress, gain additional fitness and interaction with others from across the base.

EMPOWERED BY CROSSFIT What Can Your Body Do For You?

Crossfit is all about celebrating your body’s achievements and progress. While weight loss is often a goal of our clients, body composition soon becomes secondary to being able to lift heavier or getting your first pull up.

REFLEXOLOGY Feel Better … You Deserve It!

On a physical level, reflexology can reduce pain and inflammation thus reducing the need to medicate. With every drug, there is the chance of side effects.

Enhancement in Sports and the Gym

Terry Boyd, owner of The GYM Trenton, discusses how “A number of existing researchers have confirmed that physical appearance is positively related to self-esteem level. Self-esteem exists in all mankind”.