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Francis Brennan making waves in the pool

Fifteen-year-old Francis Brennan achieved a rare feat for a Belleville Beast swimmer in April when he competed at the Canadian Trials.

Quinte Dolphins ride the tide to keep swim program growing 

Board chair Cathy Duggan said the club was treading water, though, as the COVID-19 pandemic and provincial restrictions continued. Longtime coach Jim Anfield, who also took on other tasks such as registrar, treasurer and equipment manager, kept a few swimmers in the pool when possible, but ultimately made the decision to step away, which the club understood.

Announcement of Quinte Watersports Fair

The first-ever Quinte Watersports Fair will be held in Belleville on Saturday 10 September, in conjunction with the World Rowing Tour 2022

Belleville Beast busy in the water

It’s been a busy, and at times emotional, couple of months, but members of the Belleville Beast swim team continue to make waves in the pool.

Belleville Beast swim to strong results in Quebec

Competing at their first swim meet since March 2020, the Belleville Beast placed eighth overall as a team at the Pointe-Claire Invitational in Quebec from Dec. 16 to 19.