Tyendinaga offers recreation opportunities for youth and adults

This story was published in the Winter 2023 issue of Total Sports Quinte magazine

Story by Jeff Gard/Total Sports Quinte

The Township of Tyendinaga has a variety of recreation opportunities for both youth and adults.

Having great facilities, for starters, makes that possible.

“It’s pretty cool and unique, honestly, because Tyendinaga Township’s fairly small in population and size,” said Kyle Charko, recreation and facilities coordinator for the township. “We’ve only got about 4,500 residents, but we’re lucky enough to have quite a cool complex here. We’ve got four different ball diamonds – two of them are set for hardball and two are set for softball – and then four soccer fields – two larger, two smaller – three beach volleyball courts, we have a recreation hall that we rent out for banquets and that type of stuff. We have a horse ring and a whole fairground area. We’re lucky enough to have all that here in such a small community.”

There’s also an outdoor skating rink in the winter, when weather cooperates, of course.

Sports programs are organized by the township.

“It’s a little bit different in Tyendinaga versus places like Belleville or Napanee where they have an association and rent from the township,” Charko said. “Our minor baseball league and minor soccer league are done through our recreation department here.”

Minor soccer is for players ranging in ages from 4 to 16 with four different age divisions. Soccer made a big comeback in Tyendinaga last summer.

“During the two years of COVID (shutdowns), we didn’t have any sports here and last year was our first year picking it back up and we had 336 kids registered in that soccer league which I think was kind of an all-time high for soccer,” Charko said. “We’re a house league so it’s not highly competitive but it definitely gets them out there and running around.”

Minor baseball is for players ages 4 to 19. The younger age groups use the softball diamonds and stay within the Tyendinaga facility in a house league setting.

Older players represent Tyendinaga as they travel to other communities in the Quinte Baseball loop. The two oldest divisions used the hardball diamonds in Tyendinaga.

For adults, there’s the South Hastings Baseball League, which is said to be the oldest men’s hardball league in North America. There’s also a mixed 3-pitch softball league and mixed beach volleyball league during the summer.

Inside at the recreation hall, the township offers yoga and zumba classes year-round with certified instructors.

“We’re looking to expand our programs,” Charko said. “That comes with finding people that are looking to get involved.”

Certified instructors are required to run programs. For organized sports, coaches and officials are always needed as well.

Charko noted that lower costs on registration fees often attract participants from other communities.

Also of note, there is a two-kilometre trail around the complex for anyone looking to get out for a walk to get some exercise.

“I think people would be surprised if they come down here and see what we have and the quality of facilities that we have here,” Charko said.

Check out www.tyendinagatownship.com for program information and registration details.