Shannonville Motorsport Park: Super Series concludes 2022 in style

By Alex Gallacher – Shannonville Motorsport Park

The Super Series officially concluded its 2022 season with a Celebration of Champions held at the new Shannonville Event Centre. Over 75 guests and their families made the trip to end the year in style where each class saw the top three riders honoured with a special award.

The list of champions this year saw a few new additions including Jordan Decarie, Alexis Beaudoin, Francois Gauvin and Istvan Hidvegi all picking up their first title in career. Drew Weber claimed his first Pro class titles, along with Eric Quintin and Elie Daccache claiming more titles in their already impressive path.

In addition, the Super Series gave out awards to a large and diverse group of riders. Over 20 different riders received their plaques, becoming the largest group of winners since 2019.

Special awards were also given out near the end of the evening. Jamie Ross was presented the Maxime Mercier Sportsmanship Award for his exemplary dedication to helping out fellow competitors without hesitation. Kayla Hannaford was presented the True Grit & Determination Award for her strength after she recovered from a concussion and broken collarbone during the first race weekend of the season and was later able to manage her first front-row start since Novice.

Jordan Decarie was presented the Racer’s Spirit Award for being one of the most obliging riders during meetings and always offering creative and constructive solutions to always make the Super Series better. Alexis Beaudoin was the top Novice rider of the season, taking home Rookie of the Year honours. Last but not least, Neil Stanavech was presented the President’s Choice Award for most improved amateur rider.

Finally, the CRCA marshals were given the special Super Series Special Achievement Award for their outstanding contributions to the sport.

“Our first full season of Super Series couldn’t have been better,” said Super Series General Manager, Dominique Bondar. “We saw some amazing and intense racing all year long, and we look forward to seeing more in 2023. Thank you to all the riders, teams, officials and fans who made this season a resounding success.” As the 2023 season is on the horizon, the Super Series schedule will be announced in a few weeks. Riders can purchase their 2023 competition licence as of December 1, 2022. Riders who will opt to sign up for the full season will receive a special rate.

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Award Winners:

Novice: Alexis Beaudoin, Champion. Ryan Dunwoodie 2nd, Doug Newman 3rd. AM Sportbike: Jordan Decarie, Champion. Eric Quintin 2nd, Adam Pearsall 3rd. Pro Sportbike: Drew Weber, Champion. Alex Coelho 2nd, Jose Azevedo 3rd. AM Superbike: Jordan Decarie, Champion. Matt Vanderhorst 2nd, Ryan Dunwoodie 3rd. Pro Superbike: Elie Daccache, Champion. Alex Coelho 2nd, Eros Mukja 3rd. Lightweight Production: Eric Quintin, Champion. Jean-Pascal Schroeder 2nd, Dylan Leclair 3rd. Lightweight Superbike: Istvan Hidvegi, Champion. Miles Keller 2nd, David Buckland 3rd. Sprint Cup: Elie Daccache, Champion. Matt Vanderhorst 2nd, Eros Mukja 3rd. Heavyweight Sportsman: Drew Weber, Champion. Wes Barnes 2nd, Colin Duncan 3rd. Sportsman Lightweight: Francois Gauvin, Champion. Jean-Pascal Schroeder 2nd, Dylan Leclair 3rd.

Special Awards:

Maxime Mercier Sportsmanship Award: Jamie Ross

True Girt & Determination Award: Kayla Hannaford

Rookie of the Year: Alexis Beaudoin

Racer’s Spirit Award: Jordan Decarie

President’s Choice Award: Neil Stanavech

Super Series Special Achievement Award: CRCA Marshals