Belleville Sports History back on Display After seven year hiatus

By Belleville Sports Hall of Fame

A dedicated group of volunteers launched the Belleville Sports Hall of Fame in 1987 and up to 2010 the Hall recognized the accomplishments of over 90 athletes, teams and builders of sport.

All of these inductees have a strong connection to the Belleville area, and include the Hull brothers of NHL fame, the 1928 Belleville Nationals baseball team, golfers Betty Ingram and Gary Bowerman, and of course the Belleville McFarlands who were inducted twice after they won the 1957/58 Allan Cup and the 1958/59 World Championship.

However, as with all volunteer organizations a constant influx of new blood is required to keep things going and after 2010 the activities of the Hall took a 7-year hiatus.

The 200th Anniversary of Belleville was one of the impetus’ to see if the Hall of Fame could be reactivated and at this stage we are pleased to say that plans are well underway to not only have a 2017 Induction Ceremony on September 16, but to ensure the longevity of the Hall.

A new group of volunteers, with the ongoing support of the Quinte Sports and Wellness Center staff are making things happen.

To date, a new web site has been launched, the HOF Bio plaques are being relocated within the Wellness Center to the Dr. R. L. Vaughan Atrium, and the Belleville McDonald’s High School Athlete of the Year Program has been renewed.

Previous Athlete of the Year Award winners are invited to check out the website and let us know if your name is not currently listed.

President Dave Mills indicated that the submission of new nominations has been encouraging and the Selection Committee will have their work cut out for them in June.

The new location for the BSHOF will also include Display Cabinets where sporting artifacts of HOF members and the Belleville sporting community can be displayed.

Long term success of the Hall of Fame will depend in part on funding and with this in mind the BSHOF has recently launched the “Friends of Sport” Fundraising Program. More information on this program is available on the website, including that the BSHOF has charitable status and is able to provide contributors with a tax receipt.

While the Belleville Sports Hall of Fame is a way of recognizing individuals and teams who have made their mark in sports, from the local level on to the International level, it is really all about ensuring that sporting accomplishments related to the Belleville area are enshrined for future generations to enjoy and as one way of inspiring future generations of athletes.

Let’s all work to make sure that the BSHOF continues to evolve into a showpiece of our sporting history.