HITTING THE ICE And Staying On It!

By Amanda K.  Culinary Nutrition Expert & Owner of Hello Bonjour in Wellington

So I’m not just talking about an ability to balance on skates while wearing 20 pounds of equipment or staying upright for 3 whole periods… but I am going to offer some tips about how to keep yourself active and healthy for the rest of 2021 without having to deal with any injuries or trammel. 

The winter can bring some of the most beautiful and incredible sceneries, enjoyable gatherings of many and an abundance of indulgent sweet treats, but each of these wonderful wintery things can have a down side that may just take you down with them.

Staying active in the winter has some challenges, after the first snowfall, generally people tend not to bring their exercise routine outdoors as often. The cold air can be difficult to handle for some, the slippery sidewalks are risky and the dim dreary days are not very inviting.

Changing up your routine to lighter exercise indoors is a great option, but you’ll still need to get out for at least a short amount of time daily. The importance of Vitamin D is not given the attention it deserves. How do we get Vitamin D? And why do we need it?

Vitamin D can be obtained from sun exposure as most of us may have learned at a young age, but it can also come from some foods like fish (particularly sardines, herring and mackerel), dairy, eggs, red meat and dark coloured mushrooms. From October to May, it is also recommended in addition to your diet, to supplement with a whole food Vitamin D.

Vitamin D regulates the immune response. What does this mean? Well it means it turns on your system to defend against foreign invaders; kind of like a goalie! (Go Dukes!) 

This is probably the most important reason for making sure you’re not part of the majority that are “D deficient”. However additional benefits include the prevention of upper respiratory tract infections, as well as protecting lung cells.

A great way to get some Vitamin D into your life this winter? Stop into to Hello Bonjour for a bowl of their French Onion Soup on Fridays. The broth is made with the power of mushrooms! Be sure to bundle up and walk down to the Wellington park soaking in some of the suns rays (even if it’s a cloudy day you’ll still benefit from some sun exposure). The soup will keep your hands warm and your tummy happy while you get your recommend daily intake of Vitamin D.

Spending more time around crowds, cheerful celebrations and sweet treats also comes with the season and often with the sniffles too. Try to be mindful of your indulgence, and counter it with extra healthy eating habits in between. How? Hearty soups, nutrient rich smoothies, and even choosing refined sugar free dessert options can keep you from falling into sugar induced physical and mental crashes. There are plenty of delicious options for you to choose from like a fresh fruit platter at a party, or planning ahead and bringing your own treats with you! For a mid-day gathering the Pumpkin Spice Muffins from Hello Bonjour are an excellent choice and a catering option hit! Why? Because they are vegan, gluten free, sugar free and super yummy. And who doesn’t just love a great muffin! The Vegan Pleasecakes can turn your party up a notch! They’re stunning to look at and loved by everyone who’s ever had one. The best part!?!? The ingredients are beneficial for brain health, bone and teeth health and the cashew presence in this dessert offers a delicious source of zinc.

So although the winter is here to stay for a few months, you are now equipped with ways to stay happy and healthy!

I hope to see you out and about soaking in as much as you can on all of the sunny days and be sure to contact Hello Bonjour should you need some healthy and hearty food and desserts to get your through the winter or maybe even just through a family gathering.

Cheers to health and happiness! 

Amanda Kovatchev 

Culinary Nutrition Expert & Owner of Hello Bonjour