HockeyStickMan turns waste into new products

HSM announces Broken Stick Buy Back Program as an addition to existing green initiatives

TORONTO, ON – HockeyStickMan has identified the reduction of waste within the hockey equipment industry as an area of action and responsibility. As we celebrate Earth Day, HockeyStickMan is proud to present the results of our existing green initiatives and introduce a brand-new Broken Stick Buy Back Program to our local customers.

In an effort to reduce the number of broken sticks entering our landfills and to offer an affordable yet high quality refurbished product to our customers, we began repairing broken pro stock hockey sticks. We are proud to announce that since 2010, we have repaired and sold over 37,000 refurbished hockey sticks through our retail locations in Mississauga and Belleville, as well as online at

On top of refurbished sticks, HockeyStickMan has been able to repurpose scrap pieces of broken hockey sticks to create various unique and nostalgic products. This includes snow brushes, barbecue sets, bottle openers and even chairs. We continue to search for new methods to re-use these broken pieces, so that they do not enter our landfills.

In 2018, HockeyStickMan partnered with Harmsen’s Hockey, an eco-friendly company that focuses on turning broken hockey sticks into products such as bottle openers and barbecue scrapers. This strategic partnership allows us to work together to reach a common goal of reducing waste and creating new products for consumers to enjoy. HockeyStickMan is able to support Harmsen’s Hockey by providing them with broken sticks to help them create their innovative products. By working together, we are able to keep even more sticks out of landfills.

To further maximize the impact of our existing green initiatives, we are excited to be launching a Broken Stick Buy Back Program, where customers will receive a $5 store credit for every qualifying broken stick they drop off at our Belleville or Toronto locations.

HockeyStickMan understands that all companies, no matter the size, have a carbon footprint and it is important to incorporate measures to reduce it. We are driven to make a change in the industry and call upon our customers to join us in reducing stick and equipment waste. There are many ways you can do your part including taking advantage of our Buy Back Program, our inventory of refurbished sticks and our wide selection of used hockey equipment.

About HockeyStickMan: HockeyStickMan is a family owned and operated business since 2010. Our mission is to provide amateur and recreational level players with top of the line products at unbeatable prices. This is achieved by offering new and used pro stock equipment, manufacturer direct products (Blackout Hockey Sticks), and refurbished products.

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