Trenton Skating Club’s Trennt Michaud & his partner Evelyn Walsh At The Worlds in Sweden

By: Lisa Conley

Owner/Director I Can Excel Skating Academy

As the World Figure Skating Championships are underway this week in Stockholm Sweden the Quinte area has one of their own attending this prestigious event.  That person is Trenton Skating Club’s 24 year old Trennt Michaud along with his partner Evelyn Walsh, 19.

As a young boy Trennt wanted to play hockey but when he stepped on the ice he was lacking one important skill.  Skating – the ability to skate.  Trennt then joined a local skating club and participated in their CanSkate program where he learned the skills and techniques through trained coaches.  He later that year saw a boy perform a solo in a local carnival and decided he wanted to switch to figure skating.  Trennt’s mom approached one of the coaches to see if she would take him on for private lessons.  That coach was me, Lisa Conley.  As he progressed through the varying levels and tests that are required in Skate Canada’s testing system, I said to Trennt’s mother, “you know he’s going to be a pair boy right?”  They had no clue just how far that pair skating would take him even though Trennt dreamed of the Olympics, competing at Worlds is another step closer.

Locally Trennt and his partner at the time competed at the Novice Level to a National Silver Medal under the tutelage of myself, Lisa Conley.  Shortly later the need for training where ice was more easily accessible, closer to the Canadian Sport Institute was needed & I recommended training with a coach who had what Trennt needed.  Weaving through the ins and outs and traffic within the area clubs was cumbersome.  Later the need for a Skating Academy was needed so I began my own skating school “the I Can Excel Skating Academy”.

The battle of the season has been anything but a roller coaster for elite level athletes and all athletes in the skating world.  Lockdown, no lockdown, ice, no ice.  Luckily the City of Brantford where Trennt & Evelyn train made provisions for Elite and Athletes on the Olympic path to continue to train. Starting and finishing the season at Worlds with no prior live events to prepare for is certainly stressful but figure skaters are tough & know how to overcome those situations. Preparation is the key.  Foundations laid at the grassroot levels is a must.

The short program took place on Wednesday and the duo were sitting in 12th place and put out a stunning free program which placed them 12th overall in the World.

On a closing note – This is a prime example of hard work, perseverance & proper training and with those key ingredients who knows what path life will take you on.

Congratulations Evelyn & Trennt & all the best for the upcoming season of 2021-2022.