Athlete of the Month February 2021 – Kale Hennessy

Kale Hennessy – Brighton Braves

Photos by Amy Deroche –

By Total Sports

Meet 9 year old Kale Hennessy, a student at Brighton Public School. Total Sports Magazine caught up with Kale at one of his hockey games recently where he was presented with the Wellington Dukes signed jersey shown on our front cover of this magazine.  During our visit Kale was anxious to get the photos and interviews over with so he could get back to doing what he does best “Scoring”.  We were told that during the previous game he had scored 10 goals! 

Kale’s nickname given by his parents is “Kalester” and his besft friends are Parker Powell, Nash Parks and Jayce Henderson. 

Kale enjoys hockey, soccer and ball hockey.  His coaches for the Brighton Braves are Stew Henderson and Luke Powell.  Kale also loves to ride on his dirtbike and do super cool tricks on his scooter! 

Kale’s favourite hockey player is Austin Matthews because he feels Austin is a super good hockey player. 

Kales favourite food is pizza.  

Kale wears jersey number “3” his favourite number that not only did his Dad, Colin Hennessy wear but also his grandpa Pat Hennessy.  

A special thank you to Amy Deroche of for the amazing photo on our cover and the two photos above.