BASKETBALL Growing in Popularity in Quinte

BASKETBALL Growing in Popularity in Quinte

By Geordie Michell Belleville Spirits Basketball

Basketball is growing in popularity across the country and our community is no exception. Although not widely known, Belleville has many basketball opportunities available to youth in our area. We have leagues and organizations around the community where youth of all ages can learn the basics, play recreationally, join a competitive team, or go to train with 613U or Ballhawks Academy. There are also house leagues run by Centennial High School and Eastside Secondary School that traditionally start in March. 

Basketball is a very affordable sport that many youth get to access and enjoy thanks to all the volunteers and coaches who donate their time every year in our community. There have been many successful competitive basketball teams from our area in the past due to the help of these organizations and their efforts to help players reach their maximum potential on and off the court. COVID has put a hold on many teams for the meantime, so the best option is to check out the websites and Facebook pages of these organizations for up-to-date information, or contact the organization directly. Most of these groups usually start in September. For example, the U10 Spirits Boys tryouts start September 9th, so if you have a son in grade 3 or 4, check out the Spirits Boys Facebook page for details. 


(Girls Competitive Basketball, grades 3 -12)​ 

(Boys Competitive Basketball, grades 3 – 12) 

(House League Basketball, grades 3 – 8)​ 

(mixed recreational basketball, ages 5-12) 


Jr NBA Belleville​ (youth basketball development, ages 5-10) 

Spirits Boys Basketball  

Belleville Spirits Girls Basketball  

Spirits House League Basketball 

The Belleville Spirits Basketball Club strives to assist our players in reaching their maximum potential, both as basketball players and citizens of our community.

Our players will learn that they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. They will learn to win with humility and lose with grace. They will learn to see opportunities instead of obstacles. They will learn that nothing worth achieving comes without hard work. They will develop the self-confidence to take on any challenge that will face them, both on and off the basketball court.