Bowling Under Covid 19

With the pandemic locking many of us down last spring many people were forced to find alternatives to their usual leisure activities. Indoor recreational sports have been among the worst effected businesses through this period. The bowling industry across Canada was thrown into a tailspin. For many people bowling is not only a past time, it is a wonderful way to stay active and socialize. Bowling leagues offer patrons an outlet to get out of the house and keep moving.

For some seniors this is their primary weekly fitness activity that combines fun and fitness. To lose it was particularly hard for many people when the lockdown occurred. Bowling Centres are now operating again as of September 8th under Ontario Stage 3 guidelines. Although the social restrictions have added some complexity to the business, Tony Gao of Club Medd Bowl in Trenton is excited to get back to work. Club Medd Bowl has been successfully running for more than half a century in the beautiful town of Trenton. Tony spoke to Total Sports about all of the requirements Club Medd had to meet to reopen. Although Club Medd was forced to make some of these changes, which creates a financial burden, Tony is very proud of the work done to keep the patrons safe and comfortable.

“We had to make masks mandatory in the facility at all times, except for bowlers who are on the lane bowling. We have also hung up plastic shields from the ceiling between every two alleys. We always keep one lane closed between two groups for enough distance between each family or social circle” This requirement to allow for social distancing creates some difficulty for the business as you can only maintain 50 % of the lanes open but Club Medd is pleased to do whatever it takes to maintain the standards needed to have their patrons feel safe.

“ We highly encourage customers to book the lanes in advance as we now only have 8 lanes instead of 16 lanes in use. Lanes, bowling balls and rental shoes are always disinfected after every use. Hand sanitizers are obviously available everywhere, and we have even closed the toy machine areas to enlarge our facility rooms for better social distancing.“ Although these requirements complicate business, not only for Club Medd but its patrons, Tony has been impressed with the interest in people getting back to the lanes.“ Although we are experiencing a slow return from patrons of our bowling leagues, we have seen most of our senior league members come back.” Knowing that those people most at risk for Covid 19 are coming back to bowling creates some optimism for Club Medd Bowl.

Tony feels that quite a few people are unaware that they are open and that they have made extensive changes to make it safe to go back to bowling. Tony goes on to say,“ We have already reopened for a month and have resumed all our usual business activities and events such as Rock n’ Bowl, Birthday Parties, and Leagues.”

Quinte Bowl was unavailable for comment but from observation only, they have had a similar experience as Cub Medd as they reopen. Club Medd Bowl and other similar establishments are so vital to the social fabric of our community. If you are looking for a way to get out, meet some new people, or just want a little healthy fun, do reach out to your local bowling alley. Tony and the team at Club Medd have done a terrific job.

Club Medd Bowl is located at 31 Dundas St. E Trenton Ontario. Be sure to call ahead at 613 392 5756.