Campbellford Rebels Announce New Ownership

By Campbellford Rebels – Facebook Page

January 23, 2024

As you may have heard, the ownership of the Campbellford Rebels has recently undergone a transition, and some might view it as yet another change in ownership. While it’s no secret that the club has faced challenges in its recent history, there is still a vibrant spirit within the team and tremendous untapped potential.

The previous owners tirelessly invested money, talent, and knowledge to enhance the team’s performance. However, they faced numerous challenges on their own. It’s with a heavy heart that they sought new owners to guide the next chapter in the long history of the Campbellford Rebels. Bryce, Dave, and Daniel have taken on the responsibility with three primary objectives.

Firstly, they aim to restore the team to its former glory, reminiscent of the ‘old days,’ where the Rebels were not only competitive but the team to beat. Secondly, they are committed to integrating the team into the community. Recognizing that community support is crucial, they understand the importance of being active participants in the Trent Hills community.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the new ownership is focused on nurturing local talent. Their vision is to create a team of homegrown players, emphasizing recruitment, development, and the cultivation of great players from the local area. They acknowledge the challenges involved but are working diligently to make the right decisions and revive the hometown team.

One aspect that may not be widely known is the struggle with the team’s brand. To overcome this challenge, the ownership recognizes the need for partners to join and support the team’s success. Consequently, a rebranding effort is underway. It’s important to clarify that this isn’t an attempt to erase the history or legacy of the Rebels; rather, it’s a necessary step for positive change.

The new ownership understands the significance of community involvement and values your input and support. They want the community to have a say in shaping the team’s identity and envision it as truly belonging to the people. Your input, support, and participation are not only welcomed but crucial to making this your team once again.