FIT 4 HER – Why Women Only?

FIT 4 HER – Why Women Only?

By Terry Boyd
The GYM Trenton

Back in the early 1990’s my wife managed a number of women-specific circuit training gyms. I’m not going to lie.There was more than one time that I parked a bit down the street and tried to peek in to see what this new women’s-only gym was about. Admittedly, I was caught more than once trying to get close enough to at least hear what was going on. There was upbeat music and laughter from the women who were training inside. I was a little more accustomed to “Thunderstruck” and “Hell’s Bells” and grumpy people waiting their turn to use equipment at the local gym. This women-only gym was definitely onto something, so I had some questions I wanted to ask. 

I’m curious by nature and anything to do with gyms always catches my attention. My first question was why women only? In a day and age where political correctness is all the rage, how could a company get away with excluding men? The answer I received is that “businesses have the right to enact and enforce policies supporting their core function.  In the case of gyms for women-only, women are catered to specifically (tone vs bulk).”  I beg to differ on this one, knowing full well there are women who train with dumbbells and who deadlift as much as half the men I know.  While I challenge the answer I got, there is a point to be made here.  Some people are not comfortable training in an open gym where dumbbells are dropped, personal bests on bench presses are achieved, and “Thunderstruck” and “Hells Bells” are playing. In fac,t there are gyms sprouting up all over that limit noise and even the weight of the dumbbell to discourage the hard core mentality.

My next question was how does a women’s-only gym work? I was still in the dark, despite my surreptitious attempts to get the answers. Well, it’s not top-secret, and it’s definitely something the women were proud of and had ownership in. It’s a 30-minute total body workout using hydraulic equipment. This workout is designed for strength training, cardio and stretching; the big three in fitness, and all supervised by a coach. Best of all, this program caters to any level of fitness. From the new person who has never tried weights, to the more advanced member who pushes repetitions to the max, this training definitely works.

My last and most important question was why? Why train in a women’s-only gym? The reasons are many as I soon discovered. “It works,” I was told.  Another user said, “I’ve made friends here that will last the rest of my life.” Other reasons included “I’m not intimidated,” “I like that I can go at my own pace,” and my personal favourite,“we are a family here.” That clinched it.  FIT 4 HER was born. 

We converted a portion of THE GYM and dedicated the entire section to hydraulic weights, music, coaches and and an upbeat atmosphere – for women only. FIT 4 HER is for beginners, for the advanced, for strength, cardio and flexibility. It’s always a friendly atmosphere in a program that allows you to go at your own pace. Meet new friends and create new memories in a gym that’s designed for you.

FIT 4 HER. – Stop by THE GYM at 421 Dundas St. West, Trenton. Mention this article and receive your free day pass and try FIT 4 HER! 

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