Hometown Heroes – Ryan Williams

Recently I had the privilege of being at the Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour and I began thinking about what a Hometown Hero is. A hero is someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities

So what is a Hometown Hero? Is it a local athlete who has gone on to do great things in the sports world and represents our community wherever they go? Is a Hometown Hero the parent who sacrifices their sleep, free time and hard- earned money so their child can be involved in minor sports? If that’s the case, then a true hero is everyone who puts the community above themselves. It’s the referees, the coaches and the businesses who sponsor the local sports teams. They are all Hometown Heroes.

As a lifelong resident of the Bay of Quinte and now as the newly elected
Member of Parliament for this region I have also had a chance to reflect on
the everyday heroes. Covid-19 has made us see each other in a different light.
The word “hero” was used a lot, but it does represent the people who go about
their everyday lives without concern for their own well-being. It has made me
truly appreciative of the hardworking people in the Bay of Quinte.

Thank you for being Hometown Heroes!