By Rian Cole BA, BEd, CF-L2

So we’re back in lockdown. Hopefully not for long, but who knows what the future will bring. Amongst all of this uncertainty, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, anxious and to slide into bad habits. For some, it’s the lack of structure and purpose that creates feelings of lethargy or listlessness, and for others it’s simply the fear of the unknown that creates feelings of apprehension. Normally, when we feel these things, one of the best places to be is the gym. It’s a scheduled hour of the day that you don’t have to plan or worry about. You simply show up, lift something heavy, work up a sweat and move on. So what happens now? 

Even though the physical gym is closed, CrossFit Belleville will continue to provide athletes with online daily programming specific to “at home” workouts that require little to no equipment. In addition to that, they have allowed athletes to borrow dumbbells, kettlebells, weights and barbells, and anything else that they might not have access to at home. Our coaches will go live daily with mobility sessions and rehab tips, Zoom workouts, and updates. Athletes are also able to schedule accountability sessions if they are worried about how to motivate themselves outside of the gym setting. These are just some of the ways that CFB will continue to support their athletes and community throughout these unprecedented times. 

I have always appreciated the sense of community and inclusivity of Crossfit, but I think it became even more evident during the first lockdown. Many of our athletes, including our coaches, longtime CrossFitters and brand new members joined together for Zoom workouts, to have virtual coffee dates, and to complete various fundraisers and challenges to help strengthen our gym community. With many other businesses suffering, and with the unknown of when the gym could reopen, it was the perfect way to support one another while maintaining accountability for our fitness. 

I don’t think that many people would argue that exercise has health benefits. I know for myself I benefit from being active in so many ways. I know that my body is healthier and stronger, and so is my mind. The benefits that exercise provides can only be beneficial during such a stressful time in everyone’s lives, and having a body that is strong and healthy certainly couldn’t hurt if one were to get sick. Furthermore, given that nutrition is another big part of what we offer, CFB is fortunate to have a nutrition coach to help our members make good food choices during a time of pandemic treats and holiday overindulgence. This includes a live Q & A every week, nutrition “check ins’’ and recipes to help with meal planning and preparation. Beyond the lockdown, our nutrition coach is also available to chat one on one, or to create individualized meal plans based on our athlete’s needs and performance goals. Even non-members can sign up to receive Coach Lorraine’s expertise by visiting https://www.crossfitbelleville.ca/nutrition-coaching/. 

I know that the pandemic has been hard on everyone. However, it has also hopefully allowed for opportunities to slow down and reflect on what we are grateful for and sometimes take for granted. I know  without a doubt that CrossFit Belleville is more than just 4 walls and some equipment. Being locked out doesn’t stop us from doing what we need to do. It is the CFB community that helped us get through the first wave of the pandemic and will continue to see us through to the end, whether we are in the building or not. 

Here are some Testimonials and thoughts from our members: 

“It’s in moments like this that we remember to not take anything for granted. Our community, our health, our friends, our safe place. And it’s moments like this that bring us closer together, especially when it’s all over! We’ve even learned from the first shutdown. We’ve learned we can make the best of it! So proud to be a part of CFB!”


“I need physical activity to keep me and others sane! I was so upset when the first lockdown hit as I have a difficult time processing change. The online classes and programming allowed me to keep up with my routines and keep a bit of normal routine when everything was changing so fast. It was great to connect with others virtually for fun too. I would not be in a good place had they not been there for me. We even made a new friend, Pink Whitney, who provided endless hours of entertainment. We will get through this again but it’s better to get through this as a community.”

-Kate W

“I’m so appreciative for all that CrossFit Belleville offered during the last shutdown. The thought of not being able to go to the gym stressed me out. However I soon learned that our community extended past the walls of the gym. I looked forward to the zoom workouts and the online social activities. I actually enjoyed working out at home because I still had workouts to follow. The next month will be over before we know it and we will return to CFB with renewed excitement and more goals to meet!”


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Photo Cred: Sarah Lewis Photography