CTCC Renews Its TCR Licence – Shannonville

Shannonville (ON), February 18th, 2021 – We are delighted to announce that World Sporting Consulting Ltd (WSC) and RACE Events Inc. have signed an agreement to extend its Canadian TCR licence for an additional three years.

WSC first developed the TCR specification in 2015 and it has now grown into a worldwide FIA-recognized category of cars that included 224 races in 25 different countries in 2020.  In 2021, 24 eligible race ready models in TCR specification are available from fourteen different manufacturers. Out of the most popular North American models, six will be competing in CTCC.

Dominique Bondar, General Manager of RACE Events commented: “We are thrilled to extend our agreement with WSC for another three years. Worldwide, automotive manufacturers have invested heavily in the homologation of their cars and they, along with the teams, rely on the TCR regulations and CTCC to ensure fair competitions.”

“We continuously strive to provide the best racing platform in Canada to attract and sustain the participation of high-level teams. This reaffirms the commitment we have made to our teams, fans and partners to bring them professional sports car racing”, she concluded.

CTCC was first awarded the Canadian TCR licence in 2019 and is now one of 30 active TCR licence holders worldwide and the only one in Canada.  With its recently announced GT4 licence, CTCC presented by Pirelli holds a unique and enviable position and continues to be Canada’s premiere sports car racing championship.

Further exciting news regarding plans for the 2021 season will be revealed shortly.

To know more about CTCC, visit our website at www.touringcar.ca.  You can follow CTCC on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @CTCCracing or tag us using our hashtag #CTCCracing.

About TCR
Launched in 2015, TCR is based on two/three volume, hatchback or saloon standard models powered by a two-litre turbocharged gasoline engine. Competition on track is made equal by a thorough combination of Balance of Performance and Compensation Weight systems.  Since its inception, WSC Ltd – the owner of the TCR brand and technical regulations – has licensed the category to more than thirty championships and series all over the world, including the FIA WTCR – World Touring Car Cup. www.tcr-series.com 

About CTCC
CTCC presented by Pirelli is a Sports Car Racing Championship and a leader in Canadian motorsport. It provides race fans with close and exciting competition between some of Canada’s finest and fastest race car drivers. CTCC takes pride in the fact that it is Canadian owned and operated, and that it is the longest-running professional sports car series in Canada. It showcases race cars based on their original street version since 2007. For more information about the series, visit www.touringcar.ca.

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Dominique Bondar
General Manager
RACE Events Inc.
(647) 460-0141