Enhancement in Sports and the Gym

By Terry Boyd
The GYM Trenton

Owning a gym has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages. Advantages include meeting amazing new people on a regular basis, proximity to Wannmakers’ Bakery, gym access 24/7 and belonging to a community of likeminded people. Disadvantages are like anyone else’s job or career with one exception, I get every up to-date diet or exercise fad. 

Don’t get me wrong some of these exercise variations are credible and worth a try, I’m not big on diets but there are some options that have merit. Some ideas like dealing a meal or mastering your thighs were clearly designed to fill a narrative and in my opinion a cash grab from an audience looking for a better way of looking and feeling better. 

“A number of existing researchers have confirmed that physical appearance is positively related to self-esteem level. Self-esteem exists in all mankind. Human beings tend to evaluate and examine themselves, and if they find that they are lacking something in their physical appearance they are more likely to take measures to self create something that will make them feel satisfied and attain a complete self and they do it by consuming various products (Schouten, 1991; Solomon, 2009; Cash &Walker Cash, 1982).” In a nutshell we have a society that desires to look better to improve self esteem. 

I must admit when I spoke to Julia and Nikki from Time Capsule about Body/ Cool Sculpting I was skeptical. In my mind there is no real quick fix to fitness, you must put in the work, which is exactly what I said to them. Both were quick to correct me, Cool/ Body Sculpting is not the answer, it’s a piece of the puzzle which is why they wanted the GYM involved. After a number of pitches from multi-level marketers or salespeople promising an easy answer to weight loss and fitness it was refreshing to hear someone say you need to put in the “work”. My curiosity was piqued. Cryolipolysis or Cool/Body Scultping in laymen’s terms is taking a problem area like your tummy, love handles, or the problem area under triceps (that some not-so lovingly refer to as wings) and freezing the fat. The fat cells die. The body disposes the fat over the period of several days and the body readjusts- the process takes up to 45 days. After the 45 days you can re-treat the same area to get rid of more fat. This can be done up to three treatments.

Tada- there it is. Simple…But not so fast.

The Time Capsule ladies were quick to point out this is not the end, this is the beginning. If someone is willing to commit time, energy  and money to Body/ Cool Sculpting then the same should be done for their fitness regime. A one-two punch for best  results. So enough with the chatter. Let’s get down to business. I don’t take on multi-level marketing. I am asked frequently to be a part of it mostly because I have a number of people who I could influence into being a part of “down-line”. If the product is “sketch” or doesn’t deliver, then in my mind I am responsible. The same is true for Cool/ Body Sculpting, I wasn’t about to tell anyone about it unless I gave it a shot myself and see if it was too good to be true.

My trip to freeze away my “problem areas” was unnerving if I’m being honest. The advantage of Nikki and Julia being nurses was helpful when trying to get my head wrapped around freezing my body. It’s not surgical, and a safer option than tummy tucks etc., but tell that to my “love handles” who at the time of entering into the building almost froze themselves. Both the ladies were thorough and professional. I filled out the questionnaire for Cool/ Body Sculpting and the requisite COVID form. So far so good. They were meticulous about handling the equipment, I know it’s not surgical but the attention to detail from the ladies was both unnerving and comforting. Unnerving because this procedure required detail, comforting because the ladies were clearly up to the task. After being wrapped up, and prepped I lay on the table face down. I had a deep muscle tissue massage several years ago that was not pleasant, but the results were fantastic. Short of standing on my back the therapist reached every muscle I ever owned. I related this treatment to that experience, it might not be pleasant, but worth it. In total it took about 40 minutes. No sweat, it was easier than I thought and not as unpleasant as I thought.

The apparatus was applied to both my sides simultaneously. My “love handles” were literally sucked up into the apparatus, I didn’t want to look- so I avoided looking anywhere but the wall in front of me. I felt cold, then colder, then I felt pins and needles. When I was 12 years old I walked to and from the Brighton arena with my hockey gear on my back in -25 degree weather, it felt like that. But then it started to ease up a bit and at one point I fell asleep. When the treatment was finished the ladies massaged the treated part of my sides, it was not pleasant, but tolerable. Again, reminiscent of the hockey practice at the Brighton arena, it felt like that, when I put my freezing hands under warm water. This lasted for about 8 minutes and subsided. The massage breaks up the cold and affected areas so the body can dispose of the now dead fat cells. 

There was a noticeable difference right away but now a few weeks after the treatment the difference is quite noticeable. And now for the “work”. After reaching 50 years old, the “work” can be taxing and at times daunting, maybe that’s why they call it “work”. I’ve changed up my workout routine and as much as I struggle with cardio, I’m making it happen. When people start a fitness routine quite often they’ll buy a new outfit, it helps with motivation. When people invest in themselves, they have a better chance of success. This is how I felt with Cool/ Body Sculpting-If I’m getting the treatment, I’m going all in.

I posted a small blurb on Facebook about my “love handles” treatment. I received a number of messages asking if it really worked. The short answer is yes, it worked. The long answer is I’m not done, I’m just getting started, because the fitness regimen should be a part of the process. Cool/Body Sculpting and fitness routine a one-two punch, you still have to put in the work.

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