Sports Mom of the Month Amy Deroche

By Total Sports

 People who know me know I’m not one for being the centre of attention, and I don’t do anything in return for any kind of recognition. I do what I do for the love of the game, the competitiveness and the pure enjoyment of sports. With the combination of sports and photography, I enjoy capturing those “moments” and keeping great memories alive for players and their families. 

I have always had an interest in photography but in my school days as well as many years after, you could say that being active in whatever sports that I could be involved in came first. That is why I never pursued photography until later in life. 

Then my son Devin was born almost 16 years ago, and that’s when I first put a digital camera in my hand. As he got active in soccer and baseball, I wanted to capture some action shots of him. As time went on, I was asked if I could take some pics of the other parents’ kids. One thing led to another, so I created a small side business for my sports photography. I have to thank my friend and fellow photographer Joe at Joe Action Sports for sharing all his experience with portraits and editing. I sure learned a lot from him. 

When I started watching the Trenton Golden Hawks, my father prompted me to to contact Ontario Junior Hockey League (OJHL) “Images” in the hope that I might be able to shoot some pics for them (my dad has always guided me in the right direction, and he was right on this one!). OJHL Director of Photography Tim Bates took me on. I’ve been part of the OJHL since 2012/13 and I am looking forward to another season ahead. I’ve enjoyed every minute and I am grateful for being able to join a great bunch of photographers who have become my hockey family. The program has helped me meet the high expectations that professional sports photographers must deal with. Every day there is something to learn…things are always changing. 

I’ve been traveling with my son and now I’m also learning about travel and landscape photography. It is very different from sports, but it will always be something I enjoy. I would not be doing what I love without the support of my son, family, friends, fans and OJHL Images. I really can’t see myself without a camera in my hand now. It’s part of me. 

And special thanks to Kelly Martin and Bay of Quinte Total Sports for having me as a photographer. 

Amy’s son Devin: “My mom has done so much for me. Since I was very young, she wanted me to play sports and be as competitive as she was. I started playing soccer, then went to baseball the next year, and she never missed a game”. “She enjoyed being there to watch and take photos and she would take team photos and eventually started taking pictures for my league, and others in the area”. “She took time off to drive me to faraway games (and no game was too far away for her!)”. “I’m very proud of her. Thank you Mom, for being the best sports mom there is!” 

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